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How to Erase Data From Someone’s Phone?

How to Erase Data From Someone’s Phone?


Not only hackers available for hire can do all the software related techniques, even you can do it if you know the techniques and use them logically.

Smartphones have become everyone’s digital pet. They are not only using for communication but also to hold their personal information. But the technology developed and we can wipe the data of other’s smartphones by phone hacker even though it is password protected.

Wiping data removes all the data from the smartphone. There are some techniques where we can remove data from somebody’s phone. If you have their phone and you want to wipe the data; then you can use this technique.

Ways to wipe data secretly:

Step 1: Unlock the phone

Method 1:

  • You can unlock someone’s phone by following the smudge. If they are using the pattern instead of number then you need to carefully go through the smudge which was used by them and you can draw accordingly
  • Another method of unlocking somebody’s phone is through Fastboot mode. But it is a long process
  1. Set-up fast boot in your PC
  2. Google “TWRP for your phone device”, download it and rename it

Eg: twrp.img

  1. Paste the downloaded file in your fast boot folder
  2. Connect your smartphone device to your PC using the USB cable and make sure USB debugging is on
  3. Go to the fast boot folder; press and hold the shift button on the keyboard; press the right click of the mouse
  4. From that option, click “Open command window” or “Open power shell”. It will open a black window
  5. Then type command “fast boot device” and it will open a tab
  6. On that tab, type command “fast boot boot” along with the downloaded file name and press enter

Eg: fast boot twrp.img

  1. This device will boot into TWRP recovery mode. In the file manager of twrp navigate to data and in the system folder find the password.key or gesture.key and delete it
  2. Finally, reboot the device. Then you can see your smartphone device doesn’t have a password or pattern or any type of screen lock
  • The next option of unlocking the phone is by factory reset option. Switch off the smartphone device; after that press and hold the power button and volume up button (sometimes volume low button also work depends on the phone brand, so try both the buttons one by one) together

After holding the buttons together, the smartphone will show up some options. In that, click factory data reset. Once you click that option, the smartphone will get unlock

Method 2:

The above can be used for android phones, but what the smartphone device is an iPhone. The listed methods can’t be useful in the iPhone so here are some methods which can be used to unlock an iPhone.

  • Guessing the passcode, it may seem impossible but we can crack it if the other person uses the four-digit passcode. Most of the people use passcodes like 1234, 9999, etc. Maybe trying this method will help you but not all the time
  • If you fail at unlocking the phone by passcode method then you can try this method. Here we need to wipe the passcode so that we can get access. So wiping the passcode steps include;
  1. Connect the iPhone device to the computer and open iTunes. Put the iPhone in recovery mode by using the following keys;

If the smartphone device is iPhone 8, X or later then press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the recovery option appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7, press and hold both the power and volume down button at the same time. Keep holding them till the recovery option appears on the screen.

If it is iPhone6 or 6S; then press and hold both the home and power button at the same time until the recovery options appear on the screen.

  1. Once the iPhone got into the recovery mode; iTunes will pop you a dialog box which shows you the options like recovery or update. From that, choose the recovery option
  2. iTunes will start to download software for the iPhone. When the download gets finished, iTunes will restore the iPhone to factory settings and wipe everything include the passcode. So, now you can access the smartphone device

But sometimes in the above process, after restoring the iPhone will ask for previous Apple ID and password for activation if the iPhone is linked to the Apple ID and had enabled “Find my iPhone”. So, at that time you can’t use the second step.

  • There are lots of iPhone unlocking tools found on the internet. You can use any one of the tools and the most used tool is iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer. So the main purpose of this tool is to help people who forget the iPhone passcode. For this software, you need to pay $20 which is cheap compared to the other tools. So the steps include;
  1. Download and install “iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer” on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a cable
  2. Choose the “Unlock lock screen” option and on the next page click start to proceed
  3. The software will ask you to download the firmware package for the iPhone to be unlocked, so click the download option
  4. After downloading, you can click the unlock button to start unlocking the iPhone
  5. Just wait for a few minutes and then your iPhone will be unlocked successfully

Step 2: Wipe the data

After unlocking the phone, you can wipe the data by the simple process. Most of the factory reset doesn’t completely wipe all the data from the smartphone; you can encrypt the data so that no one can restore the data even if they try to access it.

  1. Go to settings, click security & location
  2. In that, tap encryption & credentials
  3. Click encrypt phone
  4. You can wipe the data and upload a dummy data for an extra layer of security

The above-mentioned ideas can be used if you lost your phone and you need to wipe out all your information from the phone. These steps will be safeguarding your stuff without exposing it to the third-party.

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